Chinese Prefold Cloth Diapers Bleached (dozen)

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OsoCozy Chinese Prefold Cloth Diapers

Our Chinese Prefold Cloth Diapers are 100% cotton, bleached white cloth diapers in the Traditional (long) length. Infant and Regular size. Buy by the dozen. The more you buy, the bigger your discount.

For more sizing options, try Indian Cotton Prefolds --- also available by the dozen.

Diaper Burp Cloths

Chinese prefolds make perfect handcrafted diaper burp cloths because they are a tightly woven cotton gauze that stays smooth even after washing, and every size has all-white stitching, so your custom design stands out. Great when you are looking for plain white burp cloths in bulk, too.

Great washing and polishing rags. Fine car enthusiasts love the gentle softness of cloth diapers to keep cars shiny without micro scratches.

OsoCozy vs Osocozy Chinese Prefold Diapers

They are not quite as soft and fluffy as Indian cotton prefolds but thicker and more durable. Some customers do prefer the lighter and quicker drying Chinese prefolds as cloth diapers. Traditional (long) size means you fold these prefolds over for extra layers of absorbency where your baby needs them.

Sizing: Traditional length (long). Two sizes: Infant and Regular.

Closure: None

Material: 100% cotton, bleached

Brand: OsoCozy

Size Layering (side-middle-side) Unwashed Dimensions Approx Washed Dimensions Price per dozen (1 dz +) Price per dozen (4 dz or more) Price per dozen (7 doz or more)
Infant 2x5x2 2x5x2 12" x 16" 10.5" x 13.5" $17.00 / dz. $15.30 / dz. $13.60 / dz.
Infant 4x6x4 4x6x4 12" x 16" 10.5" x 13.5" $21.00 / dz. $18.90 / dz. $16.80 / dz.
Regular 2x5x2 2x5x2 14.5" x 20.5" 13" x 17" $28.00 / dz. $25.20 / dz. $22.40 / dz.
Regular 4x6x4 4x6x4 14.5" x 21.0" 13" x 17" $33.00 / dz. $29.30 / dz. $26.40 / dz.

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Ask a Question
  • Where are these prefold diapers made?

    These prefolds are made in China.

  • Which size works best for specialty embroidered burp cloths?

    Any size will work, but the most popular choice is the size Regular with 4x6x4 layering.

  • What does your 2x5x2 mean? And 4x6x4. The lengths are right next to it so pls explain as I'm a beginner sewer.

    The 2x5x2 and 4x6x4 refer to the number of layers in the prefolds. Since prefold have 3 sections, the numbers correspond to the number of layers of materials in each section. The center panel will always be the thickest one, so a 2x5x2 means the center panel will be 5 layers and the sides panels will be 2 layers.

  • I've been looking for a non gauzy looking cloth diaper. These look like better quality than the Gerber ones I bought. How much do they shrink in the dryer?

    You can refer to the size chart to see what the approximate washed dimensions are on each size.

  • How many in a pack?

    Our Chinese Prefolds are sold by the dozen.

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