OsoCozy Prefolds Unbleached (6pk)
OsoCozy Prefolds Unbleached (6pk)
OsoCozy Prefolds Unbleached (6pk)

OsoCozy Prefolds Unbleached (6pk)

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Natural 100% Indian cotton prefold diapers in twill weave. Incredibly soft and absorbent, and they get even softer with washing. Each package contains 6 diapers.

Bleached vs unbleached prefolds? Our savvy customers prefer unbleached cotton prefolds 4 to 1. Natural cotton is a beige color. Unbleached diapers are softer and more durable than bleached cloth diapers. Unbleached prefold cloth diapers must be washed more before they become absorbent. Despite the added effort necessary to break in these diapers, they are extremely popular and by most accounts well worth it. Bleached packaged prefolds also available.

Giving a gift? Prefolds available in attractive store-shelf packaging. Perfect for gift wrapping. Each package contains six diapers and comes with use and washing instructions on the back side in both English and Spanish. These high quality OsoCozy prefolds make a great baby shower gift. Add diaper covers for the complete cloth diapering system.

Packaged Traditional fit (long) prefolds come in two sizes only: Size 1 is Infant 4x8x4 diapers, and Size 2 is Premium 4x8x4. Most babies won't need any other size, though you may need to double diapers as your baby begins to grow out of the size.

Sizing: Traditional (long). Two sizes, Infant and Premium
Closure: None
Material: 100% Indian cotton, unbleached
Brand: OsoCozy

Prefold Sizing, Price, and Details

Size Layering Dimensions Baby Wt. Price (6 pack) Price (6 pack)
4 or more
Infant 4x8x4 12" x 16" 7-15 lbs $13.00 $12.00
Premium 4x8x4 14.5" x 22" 15-30 lbs $20.00 $19.00
*As with all cloth prefolds these will shrink 5-10%.
OsoCozy Traditional Prefold Cloth Diaper Folding Instructions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alex W.
Great Diapering and Value

This review is for size 2. I never thought I'd end up preferring prefolds over pocket diapers but I do. My son is now 1 year old. I found that prefolds are the most consistently reliable- no leaks, rarely a blow out. Particularity in the first few months these fit him the best.Just a few quick notes:
-I did use size 2 from 15 pounds. It looks a little funny, and you do have to fold over a lot of extra material but I did it. The extra material is actually helpful because babies are drinking so much at that point.
-I use a Snappi with a large Thirsties velcro cover over this prefold. I hate fiddling with the snap covers that a lot of people seem to like.
-These prefolds never squeeze out pee as long as you change it within reasonable time. (This has happened with microfiber insert that come with pocket diapers). My son seems as comfortable in these as a disposable.
-If it weren't for the osocozy prefolds I would have given up and gone to disposables all day when he was a newborn. We did use disposables at night for the first few months, but made the switch.
- Overall, the ozocosy cotton prefold rocks and kept me cloth diapering. I really suggest trying these for a few weeks if your thinking about it.

A must for cloth diapering!

We're cloth diapering our 2nd child and we used the size 1 of the OsoCozy unbleached prefolds with our first and was super happy with them. Thus since some had been sanctioned to rags (4+ years between kids), we needed to partially replenish our diapering stock. Thus we ordered another dozen of the size 1. From 4+ years ago to now, there is a difference between the size but we're actually happy with that as they are actually larger than the size 1's from back in 2012. Since our 2nd baby is large in weight and height for age, we'll be sizing up a lot sooner than we had to with our first child.I would certainly purchase again, as we did!

Awesome product

Using these as an insert, and hold a substantial amount of liquid. There was not much shrinkage after 8+ washes, are pleasantly soft. This is a great product for the value.

Raimi E
Great and affordable option for newborns!

Love love love these. My only complaint is that they come up a tad high on my baby so I've had to fold them down which created extra bulk. However, they are my favorite me this of cloth as we started on this journey with our first baby. I use them as trifolds in covers now that he is too big to snappi them on. I plan to keep using them as inserts for as long as I can. They are so inexpensive and wonderful!

Multi use

I use these for everything. Not just diapers. Cleaning sure! Burp rags? The BEST. I actually buy a pack of these now for every baby shower I go to. I get them as burp rags because they are hands down the most absorbent. Especially if your kiddo has reflux issues like mine did. He would put pee these so we stripped them and started using them for burp rags. He is 2 now and we still use them for when he is sick. Wipe sweat away, runny nose, wet down for a cool towel on forehead. Or even sponge bath.