OsoCozy Prefolds Bleached (6 pk)
OsoCozy Prefolds Bleached (6 pk)
OsoCozy Prefolds Bleached (6 pk)
OsoCozy Prefolds Bleached (6 pk)

OsoCozy Prefolds Bleached (6 pk)

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100% Indian cotton prefold diapers in twill weave. Incredibly soft and absorbent, and they get even softer with washing. Each package contains 6 diapers.

Giving a gift? These prefolds come in attractive store-shelf packaging. Perfect for gift wrapping. Each package contains six diapers and comes with use and washing instructions on the back side in both English and Spanish. These high quality OsoCozy prefolds make a great baby shower gift. Add diaper covers for the complete cloth diapering system.

Packaged Traditional fit (long) prefolds come in two sizes only: Size 1 is Infant 4x8x4 diapers, and Size 2 is Premium 4x8x4. Most babies won't need any other sizes, though you may need to double diapers as your baby begins to grow out of the size.

Unbleached packaged prefolds also available.

Sizing: Traditional (long). Two sizes, Infant and Premium
Closure: None
Material: 100% Indian cotton, bleached

Prefold Sizing, Price, and Details

Size Layering Dimensions Baby Wt. Price (6 pack) Price (6 pack)
4 or more
Infant 4x8x4 12" x 16" 7-15 lbs $13.00 $12.00
Premium 4x8x4 14.5" x 22" 15-30 lbs $20.00 $19.00
*As with all cloth prefolds these will shrink 5-10%.
Prefold cloth diaper folding instructions.

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  • Can you clarify which diapers do not have the colored seam stitching? I’m looking for all white.

    Neither of the 2 sizes ( Infant & Premium ) offered in this listing have a white stitching. The size you are looking for is Bleached Indian prefolds size Regular - https://clothdiaper.com/collections/prefolds/products/osocozy-prefolds-bleached-dozen?variant=12722462916663

  • Is there a health advantage to using unbleached diapers over bleached? Are the unbleached healthier for a baby?

    Unbleached fabrics have a lower impact on the environment as the fabric bleaching process can contibute to waste streams that have potentially harmful aspects.  This is because chlorine is the bleaching agent for fabrics.  Although there may be some bleaching process residuals in bleached fabrics, these residuals are not known to be a public health concern.  The main benefits of the unbleached fabic is that it is somewhat more absorbant, somewhat softer and somewhat more durable.  The coloring also makes slight staining less noticable.

  • Are the print diapers bleachable?

    We recommend not using chlorinated bleach in any diapers, as it breaks down the fibers.

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Customer Reviews

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Cherese W
Best Value.

I've used these diapers as cleaning rags in my cleaning service for many years. I started using them when I had a diaper service for my youngest child. These diapers work great for many household chores and last many years. A much more ecological choice than paper towels and more durable too.

Lexi F
Great Quality, incredibly durable

I have had these for over a year now. I like these better than the unbleached version (I have both). They are easy to take care of and after over a year of constant washing they are still holding up great, so soft, and look like new. They are thick and absorbent as diapers but I used them mainly as burp cloths for my reflux baby. She ended up always falling asleep with her head on them and now they are her favorite blanket!

Size issue

I'm not sure what diaper covers these are supposed to fit into but any of the standard ones-they really don't, they're way too long and thick.

Amy A
High Quality Prefolds!

I'm very pleased with these prefolds overall! I bought 4 packs of size 1 (24 prefolds) to use on our baby. They didn't shrink too awful much in my opinion.. I'd say about 10% which is what the manufacturers claim. They're thick and sturdy! The prefolds make great inserts, double-ups, spit up cloths/burp rags, and much, much more! I figure I'll just be using pocket diapers after she grows out of the size 1 prefold, so I don't have to buy more in the next size. And I'll have plenty of uses for them when she does!:) Oh, and you can't beat the price for such a decent quality product! Would definitely buy again.

Excellent diapers, but be wary of shrinking!

These are great quality! Very thick and absorbent. The only con is that they shrink a considerably large amount. If you intend to use them tri folded, I would suggest getting size ones. But if you intend to put them directly on baby, get a size larger than what the sizing says you'll need. Excellent quality! Will be buying these again, but will be going a size up next time.