How to Change a Diaper

How to Change a Diaper

The key to a successful diaper change is having everything you need arranged before you start.

Arrange Your Changing Area

Changing Table. Start with a changing table just less than elbow height so you can reach your baby easily. A changing table with high edges (3-5" high) makes the space more safe for your baby. If you don't have a changing table, use a bed with an absorbent pad under the baby. Easiest of all, just sit on the floor.

Clean Diapers. Have a stack of clean diapers ready to go. If you use prefolds or flat diapers, have them folded and stacked already.  If using pockets or all in twos have them ready as well.  Preparation is a key.

Wipes and Cloths. To make cleaning easier, have either wet cloth diaper wipes or other cloths along with a spray bottle you can use to wet the cloths when you need extra cleaning power. Some people like to add a drop of soap or scent to make a wipe solution (try our Baby Bits), but plain water also will work for you in most situations. A dry cloth is also helpful if you have a little boy to hold over him to avoid letting him spray you in the face. (Not pleasant!)

Diaper Cream. Have your diaper rash ointment and any other cosmetics you need within easy reach.

Diaper Pail. Make sure your diaper pail is close enough that you don't need to leave your baby unattended to put the diaper in the pail.

Your Mood

How you feel affects how your baby feels. If you approach diaper changes with a smile on your face, your baby will learn to enjoy that time together. Talk, sing, and laugh with your baby while you are completely focused on one another's faces.

Have a Distraction Available

At times you will have major messes to clean up. At those times, you may be concentrating more on mess than baby. Have a distraction for baby. A mobile or music both work well. A toy isn't necessarily a good idea, since the baby may wave the toy right into the mess, making clean up even harder. Babies are easier to clean than most toys.

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