Diaper Pail - 54 Quart
Diaper Pail - 54 Quart
Diaper Pail - 54 Quart
Diaper Pail - 54 Quart
Diaper Pail - 54 Quart
Diaper Pail - 54 Quart
Diaper Pail - 54 Quart

Diaper Pail - 54 Quart

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54 Quart Cloth Diaper Pail - This large capacity 54 quart cloth diaper pail is specifically designed for cloth baby diapers. The diaper pail has a flip top lid that allows you to place a diaper in the pail while keeping one hand on your baby. Designed and endorsed by the National Association of Diaper Services

  • Easy open flip top
  • One piece molded base
  • Fitted deodorant disk compartment. You can find our deodorizing disks here.
  • Easy to clean smooth non-porous plastic
  • Large 54 quart capacity
  • Limited to one per customer when using our free shipping offer on orders over $79. See below.

Also consider our Pail Liners pictured here inside the diaper pail.


1 - Please note this pail is not airtight. If you require an airtight hamper, please visit your local home improvement center and buy the appropriate garbage can. This pail is designed first for the safety of your baby. The easy opening lid allows you to drop soiled diaper in while keeping one hand on your baby. It is not air tight and you can expect some odor. The deodorant disks will reduce but will not entirely eliminate pail odor.
2- Please note if you do not like this pail you may return it but we do not pay for return shipping and we do not refund the cost of shipping the pail to you.
3- This pail makes a nice laundry hamper once your baby is no longer in diapers.
4- Replacement lids are available as they can break if stepped on.
5- Diaper pail is 23.5 inches tall and the top dimensions are 12 x 15 inches.


** Free shipping is limited to 1 pail per customer when purchasing over $79. Due to rising shipping costs, we reserve the right to cancel orders of multiple pails and/or repeat orders with free shipping.**


Ask a Question
  • Can this container use standard 13 gallon trash bags?

    Yes, most 13 gallon trash bags should fit without a problem.

  • Do the Planet Wise diaper pail liners work with the OsoCozy Diaper Pail - 54 Quart?

    Yes, they work great with the 54 quart pail.

  • I want to soak my diapers. Is this pail leak-proof?

    Yes, these pails are leak-proof. However we don't recommend using a wet pail, here is more information about a wet pail vs. dry pail. 

  • Can this bag be pulled over the opening of the pail without over extending the elastic? What is the life expectancy of the elastic top?

    We assume you are referring to the diaper pail liners. As long as they are cared for correctly, they should last you as long as your baby is in diapers!

  • Is there a way to purchase a replacement lid?

    Yes, you can follow this link for a listing of the replacement lid : https://clothdiaper.com/collections/pails/products/diaper-pail-replacement-lid .

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