Cloth Diaper Packages

Cloth Diaper Packages

Economy prefold packages

Cloth Diaper Packages are a great way to save money by buying in bulk and they are a great way to save yourself the worry about what and how many to buy.

The Quick & Easy Choice

After 25 years in the cloth diaper business, we have a very good idea how many diapers and what accessories a family needs to successfully cloth diaper a baby.

You don't need to do a tremendous amount of research. You don't have to worry about minor decisions. Just choose a diaper that works for you and your baby and be done shopping.

We have grouped diapers into easy, one-click cloth diaper packages depending on your main preferences:

Save Money on Package Deals

Because you buy diapers in bulk with our cloth diaper packages, you save money both on the cost per diaper and shipping is free.  Save up to 25% when you purchase a package instead of buying the items individually.  

Want different prints or a combination of diapers?  We have a lot of combinations, go ahead and browse and see.  But.......give us a call at 1-877-215-9004 and we will do our best to customize a package for you over the phone.

For more ways to save on cloth diapers, see our article How to Save on Diapers.