How to Save on Diapers

How to Save on Diapers

Using and reusing cloth diapers will already save you money. Disposable diapers will cost $1800-2700 per child; cloth dipaers will cost $300-1200. You are likely to save $600-$2400 by home laundering cloth diapers. Your savings are multiplied with additional children if you buy quality diapers that will not wear out quickly.

Just by using cloth diapers, you will cut costs for your baby.

Go Low Tech

Flat diapers and prefold diapers are less expensive than fitted diapers or all in one diapers. They not only cost less but you don't need to buy as many diapers because you will be able to use smaller sizes as diaper doublers and larger sizes as nighttime and travel diapers.

If you are willing to take the time to fold diapers, choose flat diapers for the lowest cost diapering alternative. No new sizes to buy.

Buy in Bulk

Buying all of your cloth diapers at once can save money over buying diapers one size at a time. You will save on shipping and you can get bulk cloth diaper rates. See our Cloth Diaper Package Deals for the best deals available online.

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