Thirsties Naturals One Size All In One
Thirsties Naturals One Size All In One

Thirsties Naturals One Size All In One

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One-size cloth diaper for birth to potty: Thirsties Natural all in one cloth diapers give your baby the super absorbency of natural fibers in an easy-to-use, one-size waterproof package.

  • One size fits most from 8lbs (newborn) to 40lbs (toddler potty training). Customizable the fit.
  • So easy. Goes on in one simple step. All in one cloth diapers couldn't be easier.
  • Natural Super Absorbency. Organic cotton and hemp / cotton provide the absorbency. Thirsties Natural diaper is very absorbent. Great for overnight or long car trips.
  • Waterproof. A waterproof outer layer plus gentle elastic around the legs and waist protect against leaks.
  • Stay-dry. A microfleece layer against the skin leaves baby feeling dry.
  • Stylish prints and solid colors.
  • Snaps or hook & loop. Choose hook & loop for extreme adjustability or snaps for indestructibility.
  • Made in USA.

Natural fibers can be difficult to find in all in one cloth diapers. Thirsties Natural gives your baby 11 layers of natural fibers in a waterproof outer layer.

Are snaps or hook & loop better?

We offer both types of diaper closures because parents are divided in their preferences. Some like the simplicity of hook & loop, but clever toddlers who like to escape their diapers can remove these more easily. Snap cloth diapers are easy for an adult to fasten, but their are more challenging to a toddler. Snaps are practically indestructible.

If you want the quickest diaper changes, choose hook & loop. If you want to prevent a naked toddler, choose snaps.

First-time parents and old pros both love the natural convenience of Thirsties Natural.

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Sizing: One size for 8-40 lbs. (Thirsties Natural Newborn AIO also available for 5-14 lbs.)
Closure: Snaps or Hook & Loop
Material: Inside liner = 100% organic cotton. Inside absorbency = 100% organic cotton. Inside Soaker = 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Outside = 100% polyester with PUL (thermal polyurethane laminate coating).
Brand: Thirsties
Country of Origin: Made in USA

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  • Are your all in one diapers machine washable and dryer safe?

    The Thirsties Natural One size All in One diapers are machine washable and dryer safe. We advised following manufacturer's instructions on laundry routines.

  • It says organic, but are these all organic?

    Here is the breakdown of all the materials used in this diaper: Material: Inside liner = 100% organic cotton. Inside absorbency = 100% organic cotton. Inside Soaker = 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Outside = 100% polyester with PUL (thermal polyurethane laminate coating).

  • Insert is including?

    The inserts are included in the All in One diaper. There are 2 soaker pads that are sewn down on one side which allows for adding absorbency and quicker dry times.

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