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The Aquaus Diaper Sprayer is a simple and easy way to rinse cloth diapers before tossing in the washing machine. Adjustable high-pressure jet spray is perfect for rinsing even the messiest reusable cloth diapers in the toilet rather than dunking and soaking. The Aquaus Diaper Sprayer makes cloth diapering easy and reduces waste, which is a good way to Go Green for Baby Care and to save money.

Easy Installation Without Tools or A Plumber

The Aquaus diaper sprayer is a breeze to install usually takes only 5 to10 minutes. Includes easy to- follow instructions with color pictures. Do it yourself installation includes all the components you need to attach to any American type toilet for the easiest and most affordable way to rinse cloth diapers.

Aquaus Diaper Sprayer -- Features

v Made in the USA with domestic and global components

v Three (3) year limited warranty

v Chrome plated ergonomically designed ABS corrosion resistant spray wand with on/off button, stainless steel spring, anti drip spray head, 1 inch round accu rinse spray pattern

v Made in the USA solid brass super strong pressure control shut off ball valve - T-connector with easy grip hand tight corrosion free nylon 7/8 nut

v 2 ASME certified plumbing code required back flow preventers.

v StayFlex Stainless Steel spray hose with brass hose nuts, swivel nut on sprayer connection, double crimped hose ends plus stays completely flexible under pressure. Patent pending.

v Chrome plated sprayer holder can be mounted on wall or on side of tank with flexible clip.

v Easy installation without tools or a plumber

v All accessories included for installation on American style toilets

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  • Hi, does this sprayer only need to be connected to the toilet, or a sink or shower too? I’ve been looking at this for some time now and researched it on the manufacturers website and they have several models...not sure exactly which one you’re selling. Thanks! Julie

    This model of sprayer needs to be connected only to the toilet, no need for a sink or shower.

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