Why Are My Pocket Diapers Leaking?

Why Are My Pocket or All In One Diapers Leaking?

Sometimes you may find that your pocket diapers leak. There are several possible causes of this.

CLOTH DIAPER LINGO: Pocket Diaper = moisture resistant shell, open in the back to stuff with moisture absorbent insert.

Wrong Size

If the diaper is too big for the baby, there will be gaps around the edges at the legs or at the waist. Size down and see if you solve the leaking problem.

Not Enough Absorbency

If the insert is soaked and the diaper is leaking, you may need to add more absorbency. Add another insert and see if you solve the leaking problem.

Diaper Cream & Residues

Oily or creamy substances can leave a film on polyester fleece that keeps moisture from adhering to the fabric. Don't use diaper creams with Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers. Don't use fabric softeners, baby detergents, or natural soaps with oil surfactants. All of these can result in leaky diapers.

Repelling Moisture

If you are noticing not only leaks but stink with your pocket diapers, you may have a problem with the fleece repelling. Flush the detergent residue, oil, cream, or other substance out of your diapers.

The solution is simple.

  • Using a residue-free detergent, wash the diapers in two hot washes in a row (without drying in between).
  • Then, wash again on hot without detergent.
  • Rinse on cold.
  • If you see bubbles (detergent residues), rinse again on cold.
  • Dry on low or sun dry.

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