Training Pants

Training Pants

Potty training toddler

Training Pants are a cross between the absorbency of a cloth diaper and the freedom of underwear.

Two Kinds of Training Pants

Children learn to use the toilet differently, and they need different kinds of transitions from diapers to potty training.

  • Training Pants, or training underwear, are regular toddler underwear with extra absorbency down the wet zone for some protection from accidents.
  • Waterproof Pants are a pull-up cover that can go over the child's regular underwear.

Potty Training Independence

All types of training pants give a toddler independence because they can be easily and quickly pulled up or down, and a toddler can learn to take them on and off alone.

Wet Awareness

Absorbent cotton training pants next to the toddler's skin leaves them aware of when they are wet. Many parents find that letting a toddler feel wet is a great motivator. They don't like it, so they are eager to avoid wetness and use the toilet.  Disposable products pull moisture away and remove this essential motivating factor.

Since training pants have less absorbency than a cloth diaper, there will be more moisture next the child's skin. Be sure not to leave this so long that the child's skin becomes irritated.

Potty Training Pants