Pocket Diaper

Pocket Diaper

Thirsties Pocket Diaper

A pocket diaper has a moisture-resistant diaper shape with an absorbent insert stuffed into a opening in the diaper.

Waterproof Outside, Stay Dry Inside

Most pocket diapers have a waterproof (PUL) layer outside that comes in a variety of sweet, fun colors. This laminated layer keeps moisture from leaking through to your baby's clothing.

The inside layer of is usually microfleece . Because this layer does not absorb, urine will flow right through to the absorbent core, keeping baby's bottom dry.

Cloth Diaper Inserts

Some pocket diaper comes with inserts, other brands sell theirs separately. We have a selection of inserts here.

Because you add absorbency to the diaper before use, you customize each diaper change to your baby's needs.

Add the insert by gripping it flat then pulling it into the pocket of the diaper. Make sure the insert is flat and smooth so it doesn't create extra bulk for the baby.

Washing Pocket Diapers

When you take the diaper off the baby, remove the insert so it can be washed properly. Open the back pocket and give the insert a little tug to drop it in the diaper pail.  New pocket diapers have inserts that agitate out in the wash.   Wash everything together.

You're done!

Cloth Pocket Diapers