One Size Diaper

One Size Diaper

Thirsties All In One

When you see a cloth diaper labelled a one-size diaper, that diaper is adjustable to fit almost any size child (with preemies and large toddlers sometimes the exceptions).

Adjustable Size Cloth Diaper vs One Size Diaper

With a one size cloth diaper, you will need to change settings as your child grows.  The Thirsties One Size Diaper for example has an adjustable snap down rise.  This allows you to adjust how long the diaper is to accomodate them as they grow taller. 

If your baby has extra chubby thighs or a very skinny waist or a belly you need to go around, a one-size diaper allows you to customize fit to create a just-right diaper.


Because you intend to use a one-size diaper as long as your child wears diapers---and more if you have a second child use the same diapers---they need to stand up to a lot of washing. Look for a particularly durable diaper.

Many manufacturers warranty One Size diapers to a certain extent.  Usually if snaps wear out or pull through the manufaturer can be contacted on how to get them replaced.

The Ultimate One-Size Cloth Diaper

The ultimate one-size diaper is a flat diaper. Because you fold a flat diaper into the size and shape your baby needs at that moment, you can easily make adjustments for growth every time you put on a diaper.  With that said flat cloth diapers require a water proof diaper cover and you will have to learn how to get your fold on!