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OsoCozy Fitted Organic Diaper

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The OsoCozy Organic Fitted Cloth Diaper

OsoCozy Organic Fitted Diapers are made of 100% unbleached organic cotton. Constructed with three full width layers of organic birdseye cotton and multiple interior center pad layers of organic flannel. Birdseye cotton is a polpular diaper cloth material often used in prefolded and flat style cloth diapers. This material is known for it's softness, durability and absorbency. These hourglass shaped diapers close with our durable Snap closures. They have gentle elastic bands at the legs and waist that insure a snug, leak proof fit. Available in four sizes. A great organic fitted diaper at a reasonable price. These are the same construction as our regular fitted diapers, but manufactured with 100% certified unbleached organic cotton material. Sewn in the USA by stay at home moms and grandmothers.

Sizing and Price Details

Diaper Sizes Approximate Baby Weight Stitching Color

Layering (side -middle -side)

Small 7 to 13 lbs. Peach 3x7x3
Medium 13 to 18 lbs. Blue 3x8x3
Large 18 to 25 lbs. Green 3x8x3
Toddler 25 to 35 lbs. Yellow 3x9x3

* Save $1.00 per a diaper when you buy 12 or more, $1.50 per diaper when you purchase 24 or more.

* Diaper sizes ranges are approximate and may be a little different for your baby.

* You can tell the size of your existing OsoCozy by the color of the stitching near the waist. See the chart above to determine size.

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  • Do these need to be washed several times before they become absorbent?

    These diapers do need to be pre washed and dried ( prepped) a few times before use to become fully absorbent. Usually about 3-4 cycles are enough.

  • Do these need a waterproof cover over them?

    Yes. To be a fully functioning system you would need the absorption of the fitted cloth diaper and a diaper cover for the waterproof protection.

  • Do these need inserts?

    These fitted diapers can definitely be used without an insert.

  • When will small be available?

    We are expecting them to arrive in 2-4 weeks.

  • When will the size 2 be available?

    Sizes Medium through Toddler should be available in about 3 weeks.

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