OsoCozy Flat Diapers (6 pk)
OsoCozy Flat Diapers (6 pk)
OsoCozy Flat Diapers (6 pk)
OsoCozy Flat Diapers (6 pk)
OsoCozy Flat Diapers (6 pk)
OsoCozy Flat Diapers (6 pk)

OsoCozy Flat Diapers (6 pk)

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OsoCozy Flat Cloth Diapers, 6-Pack

Available in Bleached or Unbleached

Old-fashioned diapers made of soft 100% cotton birdseye weave. Birdseye has long been the top-quality cloth diaper fabric.

How can you tell if a diaper is birdseye? Look closely at the diaper, where you will see a diamond shaped weave pattern in the material. This tightly woven material provides superior durability and the many raised threads improve absorbency.

Absorbent and soft flat diapers

Each OsoCozy flat diaper is 27 inches by 27 inches prior to washing, is one layer thick, and weighs 2.6 ounces. OsoCozy flat diapers are 25-30% heavier---and thus more absorbent---than other brands. The cotton weave is also much softer than you find in other brands. The Unbleached version is even softer than the bleached version.

OsoCozy flats are truly a step up in quality for reusable flat diapers.

Old fashioned cloth diapers - and still hip!

Flats are the original cloth diaper still used around the world. These one-size diapers require folding. They can be folded to fit babies from a 6lb preemie to a 30lb baby. Double up for use on older children and for additional absorbency.

Use flat diapers with pins or fasteners and diaper covers or as inserts in pocket diapers. If you have the patience and are willing to do a little bit of folding, then using flat cloth diapers will be by far the least expensive way to comfortably diaper your baby.

Flat diaper folding guide

Each package comes with a guide to folding flats and with washing instructions in both English and Spanish.

Because these diapers are only one layer thick they are easy to clean and dry quickly on your clothes line or in your dryer. Flat diapers are perfect for family camping, since they are easy to get clean with hand washing. As with any reusable cloth diaper these are an ecological friendly alternative to disposable diapers.

What else do you use flat diapers for?

We asked around. Use flat diapers for a bunch of other purposes:
  • dish towels,
  • burp cloths,
  • lap pads,
  • changing pads,
  • bibs,
  • wash cloths, and
  • baby wipes.
These lint-free diapers are also used as optical cleaning cloths, CD & record cleaning cloths, for shoe shine polishing rags, and for general purpose cleaning and polishing rags.

We love flat diapers as they most versatile of all baby products. Multi-size for your baby then multi-use when your baby leaves diapers.

Sizing: 27" x 27" before washing (shrinks)
Closure: None
Material: 100% cotton birdseye, bleached or unbleached
Brand: OsoCozy
Country of Origin: Pakistan

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