OsoCozy Two Size Fitted Cloth Diaper
OsoCozy Two Size Fitted Cloth Diaper
OsoCozy Two Size Fitted Cloth Diaper
OsoCozy Two Size Fitted Cloth Diaper
OsoCozy Two Size Fitted Cloth Diaper

OsoCozy Two Size Fitted Cloth Diaper

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The OsoCozy Two Size Fitted Cloth Diaper - Our 2 sized fitted cloth diaper is made of multiple absorbent layers of unbleached birdseye cotton. Four full width layers, an interior center made of four more layers and finally an attached exterior pad with four more layers. Birdseye cotton is a traditional 100% cotton diaper material which launders trouble free and lasts a long time. You will appreciate the softness and durability of this back-to-basics material. The leg and waist elastics are latex free. This economical snap closing diaper is among the favorites for price conscious customers.

OsoCozy Two Size Fitted Details
Diaper Sizes
Approximate Baby Weight
Layering (side -middle -side) Price
(12 or more)
(24 or more)
7 to 18 lbs. 4x12x4 $8.50 each $8.00 each $7.50 each
18 to 30 lbs. 4x12x4 $11.00 each $10.50 each $10.00 each
* Save $0.50 per a diaper when you buy 12 or more. Save $1.00 per diaper when you purchase 24 or more.
* Diaper sizes ranges are approximate and may be a little different for your baby.

Bleached versus Un-Bleached Cloth Diapers
Bleached prefold diapers are white because the cotton yarn was bleached in the factory prior to weaving the material. Cotton is naturally an ivory or light brown color. The bleaching process turns the cotton fibers white and also removes the natural cotton oils in the fibers. In doing so, the strength of the fibers is reduced, and the resulting woven material is slightly less durable. The bleaching process can lead to additional pollutants being released to the environment through airborne and waterborne emissions. Recent improvements in bleaching technology have reduced but not eliminated this impact.

Because unbleached diapers retain much of their natural cotton oils in the fiber matrix, they are softer and more durable than bleached cloth diapers. Unbleached cloth diapers must be washed at least 2-3 times after you receive them before they become absorbent. We recommend washing the diapers in hot sudsy water and drying them on high heat and repeating as many times as necessary for the diapers to become absorbent. You can test the absorbency by making a pocket of the diaper and slowly pouring 1/2 cup of liquid into the diaper. If the pools and does not soak in fairly quickly, keep washing. Depending upon the detergent you use and the hardness of your water and the natural variations in cotton materials you may have to wash these up to 5 times before they become fully absorbent. Do not under any circumstance use fabric softener as this causes the fabric to be coated and thus repels moisture. Despite the added effort necessary to break in these diapers, they are extremely popular and by most accounts well worth it. This diaper is available in unbleached fabric only.

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  • Are these made of the same material as the OsoCozy flat diapers?

    Yes these are made of the same birdseye weave material that our flat diapers are made of.  They are 100% cotton and are manufactured under OEKO-Tex Standard 100 that certifes they meet the human-ecological safety requirements of the standard.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Affordable option for Twins!

These diapers are great. I grabbed a dozen when they were on sale & wish I had gotten more, as I need affordable options for twins. That said, they could be improved, too. The sizing is optimistic. My skinnier twin is outgrowing the rise of the smalls & is only 12 lbs. My chubbier baby has been wearing Larges since about 11 lbs....& they were only a bit big. They would be awesome w/ some elastic at the back; as it is, we have a lot of blowouts. There are so hip snaps. It's not a problem now, but it will be when they're mobile. These are a great workhorse option, though, & the sale made them incredibly worth the price. If there were another sale, I would buy a couple dozen more. I love the birdseye. I think these would also make a great snapless option & would stand up to pins, Snappis, or Boingos.

Could make some changes for me

"I am reviewing size 1 used on baby girl born at 7lb 6oz through 12lb 9oz.

I love the absorbancy and fast dry time of this diaper. However, the wings are way too long for such a short rise. The width between baby's legs was too wide and left red marks on my baby. I wasn't able to really use these until my baby hit about 10+ pounds, by then her chunky thighs made it so proper fit around the thighs was huge around the waist. My baby is short at 21.5"" length the rise on this diaper doesn't cover the necessary area to prevent blow-outs. I really wanted to love this diaper and am so glad I bought them during the Christmas sale so I don't feel the money was miss-spent.

Taller rise and different snap configuration or velcro would make these a perfect diaper."

No leaks

These are great. I bought 24 to start my 'stash.' I use them for naps/bedtime with a cover and fleece liner. No leaks so far.

Jason Miller

Absolutely useless... Leaking - whole back

Noah's Mom

I was really disappointed that even though the website says that the diapers are up to 35 pounds when the product actually arrived the tag says 15-30 pounds. The product overall seems to be made of quality materials but I find that the snaps/fit are a little funny, maybe because my son is a few pounds away from the weight range on the tag not the weight range specified on the website.