Unbleached Flat Economy Packages with Thirsties Duo Covers

Unbleached Flat Economy Packages with Thirsties Duo Covers

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Our super soft Osocozy Unbleached Flats are paired with 4 Thirsties Duo Diaper Covers, and 1 package of Snappi Diaper Fasteners. The economy packages make a great starter package and provide enough diapers so that you only have to launder every 2-3 days.

  • 3 Dozen Unbleached OsoCozy Flat Diapers
  • 4 Thirsties White Duo Diaper Wraps (Your choice of size 1 or 2 in Snap Closures)
  • 1 (3pack) Snappi Diaper Fasteners in Coral, Gray, and Bamboo

Size 1 covers fit from 6-15 lbs. Size 2 covers fit from 15-35 lbs. The flat cloth diapers fit from approximately 6 to 30 pounds. If you start with the size one, you can later purchase the size 2 covers and continue to use the flat diapers. These OsoCozy unbleached flat diapers are a generous 27.5x30.5 inches prior to washing and shrink to square at about 26x26 inches.

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  • In what country are these made? From what country's cotton?

    The flat diapers in the package are made in Pakistan with Pakistani cotton. The covers are made in the USA by their manufacturer Thirsties.

  • When will we be able to order more?

    The unbleached flats are out of stock and they should be back in about 6 weeks. Once they arrive the Packages should become available again. Thank you for your time and understanding.

  • What are the snappi diaper fasteners used for; where on the diaper cover. Do the diaper covers have snaps on them?

    The snappi fasteners are used to secure the cloth diaper to the baby. They most commonly used with flats and prefolds. The Thirsties Duo Covers come in a choice of snaps and velcro closure.

  • What size are the flats? What is the material?

    The flats in this package measure 27 x 30.5 inches - sized to shrink to a square for easy folding. They are made of 100% unbleached cotton birsdeye weave for extra softness.

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Beth and little Alan
Perfect Wilderness Diapers

Me and my husband and are 2 children spent the summer building a cabin on our property in Alaska. We were about 28 miles off the main highway and we have only limited power and no washer or dryer and running water won't be in till next year. We plan to move up there permanent next year and my baby son Alan in now almost a year old. I wasn't sure how I would manage diapers but I found this package before we left. So glad I did. I hand washed flat diapers using a 5 gal bucket and a mobile washer I bought with our diaper package. These diapers were perfect and I can't believe that all we needed fit into a single bag. Disposable would not have been an option as we could not have brought enough of them and we either burn our trash or use a pit on the hill side for non burnable trash. I was able to hang dry these diapers either outside or when it rained in our tent and I rarely had leaks. Thank god because laundry was difficult and washing sheets and blankets all the time would have been a lot of extra work. The covers were amazing and are still like new. If your off the grid with a baby you gotta this package.

Great Story, thanks for sharing!

I love these!

This set is so great! I had been trying to cloth diaper unsuccessfully with all in ones and pockets. They were all used, as to purchase them brand new would have been hundreds of dollars. They would leak every time, even after stripping, and I had almost given up on cloth diapering. With these I have only had one leak because the cloth wasn’t completely inside the cover. They are easy to wash and dry super fast on the line. They are so soft and even though they have to be folded are so easy to use!