OsoCozy Unbleached Prefolds Factory Seconds (dozen)
OsoCozy Unbleached Prefolds Factory Seconds (dozen)

OsoCozy Unbleached Prefolds Factory Seconds (dozen)

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Limited quantities available! 30-40% off first quality price. Save even more when you buy multiple dozens, see details below.

Factory Seconds - OsoCozy Unbleached Prefold Cloth Diapers - Diaper Service Quality, 100% cotton twill diapers that are soft, durable and highly absorbent. Limited to sizes and quantities on hand.

These are factory seconds because they are in some way flawed. Flaws include being slightly crooked or wrinkled or having loose threads or the dimensions could be a little off or they may have small grease or dirt stains (stains that generally will wash out.) These diapers may also have various brand name label tags on them. Given that they will be used as diapers these flaws will not make much of a difference in use. These diapers are discounted 30-40% off retail price and are further discounted by 10% if you buy 4-6 dozen or by 20% if you 7 dozen or more.

Seconds Details and Pricing

Diaper Size & Layering Stitch Color Diaper Dimensions Inches Baby Weight Price (1-3 dozen) Price (4 -6 dozen) Save 10% Price (7 or more dozen) Save 20%
Preemie 2x6x2 White 9.5"x13" 4 to 10 lbs. $8.99/ dz $8.09/ dz $7.19/ dz
Newborn 4x6x4 White 10"x14" 6 to 10 lbs $12.99/ dz $11.69/ dz $10.39/ dz
Infant 4x8x4 White 12"x16" 7 to 15 lbs. $17.49/ dz $15.74/ dz $13.99/ dz
Infant 4x8x4 Better Fit Purple 12.5" x 13.5" 7 to 15 lbs. $15.99/ dz $14.39/ dz $12.79/ dz
Regular 4x6x4 White 14.5"x21" 15 to 30 lbs $20.99/ dz $18.89/ dz $16.79/ dz
Premium 4x8x4 White 14.5"x22" 15 to 30 lbs. $26.49/ dz $23.84/ dz $21.19/ dz
Premium 4x8x4 Better Fit Red 14.5" x 16" 15 to 30 lbs. $21.99/ dz $19.79/ dz $17.59/ dz
Toddler 4x8x4 White 17.5"x23" 30 to 45 lbs. $34.99/ dz $31.49/ dz $27.99/ dz
Toddler 4x8x4 Better Fit Brown 15.5" x 18.5" 30 to 45 lbs. $25.99/ dz $23.39/ dz $20.79/ dz

* all weights are approximate, all sizes and prices subject to availability?á

Terms and Conditions

Please note that if you are not satisfied with the diapers you can return them for a refund of the item purchase price or exchange within 30 days provided they are unwashed and unused and returned to us with proper care. We do not provide for return shipping on this special offer nor do we refund your original shipping. If you are not sure if you want to keep them you can test wash a single diaper and we will still accept your return. These are seconds and some are nicer than others. We do not allow you to return a portion of your order, it is all or nothing.

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  • What is the country of origin for these diapers?

    These prefolds are made in Pakistan

  • I am looking at the premie size 2x6x2 and 4x8x4. What do those numbers mean ?

    The numbers 2x6x2 and 4x8x4 refer to the number of layers in a prefold. The center panel in the prefold will always be the thickest, so in the case of a 4x8x4 - the side panels have 4 layers of material and the center panel has 8 layers of material.

  • When will these be back in stock?

    They should be back in stock in about 1-2 weeks. (08/05/2020)

  • I'm interested in seconds prefold diapers. I'm wondering what "better fit" option means.

    Better Fit prefolds are sized to tuck inside a diaper cover without folding the diaper lengthwise, as required for standard,Traditional (long) prefolds Better Fit are 2.5” shorter in the Infant size and 5-6” shorter in the Regular or Premium than Traditional fit prefolds.

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