News Flash - Strong Demand for Cloth Diapers during Covid-19 Pandemic

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Because so many have discovered the cloth diapering alternative lately, we have been busier than ever!  So busy, the local news station caught wind of it and ran a story on us. .

Families are rapidly discovering the benefits of cloth diapering during this unsettling time.  Our newest customers are telling us that they are choosing cloth for the 3 following reasons.

  1. Scarcity - Empty store shelves for both disposable diapers and single use wipes have sent families looking for an alternative.
  2. Safety - During this pandemic, every store visit carries the risk of catching the virus.  Fewer trips to the store for diapers, (if they have them), has increased awareness of the cloth choice.
  3. Savings - With literally millions of people out of work, finding ways to cut costs is an imperative for families.  Cloth diapers cost far less then what it costs for throw away diapers.  It's not even close.

One of the most popular choices right now are our cloth diaper packages.  These are a great way to start if your new to cloth diapering and are by far the most economical way to start today.


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